Intercom Communications

A-V Corp is the largest supplier of school intercom systems for Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle with over sixty years of experience installing and servicing educational communications systems.  Our Rauland-Borg Telecenter line of IP school communications offer state-of-the-art intercom systems for any size of educational institution. 

Our Telecenter intercom systems can include homework hotlines, pre-recorded alert messages (such as tornado, lock-down and fire alarm), classroom call-in buttons and direct dial classroom telephones.  The master clocks built into the Telecenter not only activate class change tones over the intercom but can also correct new or existing secondary clocks.  Telecenter systems can use existing speakers and wiring and offer full VoIP telephony to integrate outside telephone communications with the intercom. 

The Rauland Telecenter U offers school districts the ability to make announcements to the entire district or specific schools.  It also provides the ability to change bell schedules remotely for schools that are on the Telecenter U network.  Telecenter U connects to most models of existing intercom systems.

Use of category cabling (data-type cabling) for new installations lowers installation costs and offers great flexibility of services to each classroom.  The BICSI trained staff, at A-V Corp, assure all cabling is installed and certified according to industry standards.

A-V Corp also installs Telecenter institutional intercom systems in correctional facilities throughout the Panhandle.  We have Telecenter systems in small county jails and state prisons.  Telecenter institutional intercom systems connect to existing jail speakers and wiring and give corrections officers a full range of critical communications.


  • Education communications
  • Institutional communications
  • Systems are UL listed for educational communications
  • Full Intercom Communications integration
  • Private classroom communications using classroom telephones
  • Homework hotline
  • Corrections intercom systems
  • Integrated master clock corrects existing and new secondary clocks
  • Flexible bell schedules for testing and pep rallies
  • Class change tones over classroom and hallway speakers
  • Operates on Cat 5 cabling or existing wiring
  • Classroom telephones
  • Classroom call-in buttons
  • Use existing speakers and wiring
  • Systems for small to large campuses