Clocks/Bells/Timer Systems

Whether you need timekeeping systems for a school, hospital or airport, A-V Corp has the solution.  A-V Corp offers a full range of clock and timing systems for any application. Our typical master clocks control secondary clocks to provide a common time base for all employees and students as well as ringing class change bells.  The master clocks we offer will control existing analog and digital secondary clocks, and they have multiple schedules to easily accommodate pep rally and testing times.

The wireless digital clock systems offered by A-V Corp solve many installation problems for new construction and remodels alike.  Secondary digital clocks for both wired and wireless systems are available in a wide range of display sizes to meet your needs.  In many cases, new digital clocks can be controlled using existing analog clock wiring. 

For the healthcare industry, A-V Corp offers count-up and count-down timers for operating rooms and procedure rooms. 

Class change notification and work start/stop alerting is easily accomplished with analog bells and speaker systems that amplify tones produced by our master clocks.  We also have master clocks designed for simply ringing bells or sending tones. 

A-V Corp services most brands of existing master and secondary clocks in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. 


  • Master clock systems
  • Secondary digital clocks
  • Wireless digital clock systems
  • Class change bells
  • Class change notification using tones
  • Flexible schedules for pep rallies and testing
  • Count down timers
  • Count up timers
  • OR timers
  • Work start/stop notification
  • Control existing analog clocks with new master clocks